EPFO introduces new facilities for mobile app

Most of us like to check our provident fund corpus frequently. We may also like to stay up to date about progress of the processes that are involved in transfer of money from one account to another or in withdrawing money. And there are many apps out there that claim to help us do all this over a mobile phone. Plus, they are all free of cost. But did you know that the ease of accessing all this information comes at a price You pay for it by sharing crucial personal details such as the Universal Account Number UAN and password.

That s not all. You are likely to be sharing it with mobile apps or thirdparty applications, which do not have the Employees Provident Fund Organisation s EPFO s sanction or certification to receive this information. We are not saying that these are Umang PF App Download illegal, just that they have not been certified by the EPFO. And some of these apps are very popular too. We came across at least six such apps on Google s Play Store providing some EPFOrelated information or service which have seen over , downloads each.

These apps are EPF Check Balance by Technical Likes; EPF Passbook, EPF Balance, PF Claim Status and UAN by factoB; PF Balance and Claim Status by Arbaz Alam; EPF Balance, Passbook and EPFO Claim status by ampower; EPF Balance Online | PF Status by EPF Office; and Check Your EPF Balance by S IT Tech. Mint Money sent a set of questions through email to these app developers and got a reply only from ampower. One reason for the popularity of these apps could be that the EPFO does not have a dedicated app of its own.

A user review of the factoB app mentioned above sums it up. It reads Such a great app which gives the information regarding the PF, which the original one Govt PF app isnt useful in doing sic. Till recently, the EPFO had an app called mEPF. It was unpublished because its services are now hosted on the Umang app. Apart from the apps mentioned above, there are several others that have downloads of over , . Just what drives the app developers to build these apps And, is it wise to share critical information with them Let s look into the details.