Technique Most recent For Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a very common term that we hear today because a big number of people today are opting to get one done to them.

It is basically as a result of new technologies that have been introduced every day to perform this action and their success rates as easily. The newest introduced technique for hair transplant is FUE technique. Prior we start by getting moving ahead to find out more about this newest technology for hair transplant, we must learn that the full form of the acronym FUE is Follicular Unit Extraction. Though the method an older one that i heard prior to strip method FUT, the resurgence has introduced this technique this time with all new high techs and as a result it has started gaining well known with each passing day in all parts worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and India.

Let us know how this technique actually works Under this treatment, professionals extract individual follicualr units one by one with the help of micropunches and then transplant them to the recipient site to add onto it a heavier and a thicker Hair Transplant Failure look and too without making any scars or stitches at the website. To serve FUE technology, there is a big number of FUE theories, techniques and instrumentation you can do in the market to serve all the respective needs with. FUE, FOX, CIT, FUSE, FLUTE are most of the names in the list to serve the reasons.

Similar to FUE is FUT technique, which one more known as Follicular Unit Transplantation or strip hair transplant procedure. Under this technique, the plastic surgeons remove a linear strip of hair and tissue away from the back of the scalp and then the technicians dissect it into single follicular units, post that they can are relocated into bald or thinning areas this crown and the donor site wound is then closed by following a surgical technique. But under this technique, the patient gets a linear scar on the back of his head which become visible in some connected with hair style.

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